It started with a guy named Flint. And a shot. In a bar basement. That trilogy either screams disaster…or an Iowa Roadie adventure as crazy as any we’ve experienced. I’m going with option #2. You must know that sometimes our Iowa Roadie adventures do not align to a well-thought out plan. (Big shocker here if you’ve read even ONE other Iowa Roadie blog!) We sometimes begin with a starting or end goal in mind, but the journey itself rarely follows a pre-determined protocol. This is mainly due to things like shots…and guys named Flint…and bar basements. I often get recommendations of places to visit, and a recent referral was to the Riverside Tavern in Lehigh. THAT was our end goal. The problem with reaching our destination is that the Iowa Roadie is easily distracted by Google. Specifically the “dive bars near me” Google search that I always put in as…

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