July 2023


Hallmark is missing out.Last week (July 7) was National Dive Bar Day. Sadly I could not find a single card to commemorate this momentous occasion. In all fairness, National Dive Bar Day is probably better celebrated by buying one’s buddy a pint than by sending a sappy card. Roses are red Violets are blueIt’s Dive Bar DaySo enjoy a BrewSee why a beer is better. Some people believe that Disney World is the most magical place on earth.Those people would be wrong.Because there is something TRULY magical about a dive bar….where under the twinkling Christmas lights & taxidermy buck, strangers become friends & friends become family.(Now THERE’S a Hallmark Dive Bar Day card for you.)As cheesy as an order of greasy dive bar cheeseballs…but true.I believe the beauty of dive bars lies in their simplicity. It’s a judgment-free, no-frills zone.The amazing bartenders & ice cold beer are a bonus.There are…

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