June 2020


I miss the “good ol’ days.” You know…like three months ago. Three months ago, the only people wearing masks were either comic book characters, the Lone Ranger, or crazies from those Purge movies. Now, it seems, normal society shuns us if we aren’t wearing masks…and standing six feet apart…and armed with Lysol disinfectant spray. Thank goodness not everyone subscribes to the “new normal.” Thank goodness for bars. Before I begin, I want to be clear…This does NOT mean that Iowa bars and restaurants are ignoring the social distancing guidelines set forth by Governor Reynolds. In each of the bars recently visited by the Iowa Roadie, seating was limited to every other table. Yet, somehow, it felt like the “old normal.” A world in which problems are conquered by cheap alcohol and fried food. We begin our latest Iowa Roadie adventure with a quick stop at The Outpost in Aredale, population…

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