August 2022


I work at Walmart.I am the “People Lead” there. Admittedly “people lead” is the weirdest title ever created. By any company. Ever.As a “people lead,” I always feel like I should have a marching band and a baton. Perhaps some candy to toss out.In actuality, it is nothing quite that exotic. What a “People Lead” does is hire & onboard associates. I write a schedule for 300 people each week. I perform our basic HR tasks, create all our store’s social media posts, AND try to stir up a little break room fun. You know…like Wacky Wednesday.Or National Eat Your Jello Day. I have lobbied for a margarita machine in the lounge for years, but my manager keeps denying my request. Something about “drinking on the job.” I keep pointing out that a little tequila would go a long way in boosting associate engagement & morale. You know what else…

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