January 2022


When my kids were little, this is what Christmas involved…• Barbies• Toys requiring LOTS of AA batteries…and noise-canceling headphones• A reciprocating saw or some other Very Sharp cutting device which is used to extract the toys from their Fort Knox-like packaging. • AlcoholNow that my kids are in their 20s, this is what Christmas involves…•Alcohol.It is with great relief that the Iowa Roadie’s family holiday has evolved from the commercial trappings of Nintendo, Talking Elmo and Taylor Swift to focus on drinking games and group shots. Before proceeding, I’d like to point out that holiday drinking has very deep-seated roots. For example, in the classic movie “A Christmas Story,” have you noticed that the parents are enjoying a glass of wine as they watch their children open presents in the wee morning hours?We typically wait until after the Christmas Eve service to begin drinking.This year, our 24-year-old daughter brought home…

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