August 2021


The Iowa Roadie & husband recently had CoVid.I have to admit that this has been an atrocious experience. I equate it to a Mack truck parking itself on our chests…for two weeks.During this time, we alternated between coughing, sleeping and watching an endless stream of horrible television shows.We hardly ate. (Perhaps the ONLY positive in the situation.)Most horrific… we have not had an alcoholic drink in three weeks. My liver is in shock from the sudden detox.Kidding aside, the virus hit us both hard.Super hard.At one point, I pondered what would happen if we didn’t recover. What would our legacy be?Fortunately we ARE recovering, and will see the day where we enjoy another cocktail and platter of cheese balls.But is THAT our legacy? Fried food & cheap drinks?Perhaps not the worst way to be memorialized…But hopefully we can do better. I want to be remembered for the WAY I live…which…

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