March 2018


No, Iowa isn’t the potato state. Deep fried twinkies and bacon perhaps. Iowa can even claim notoriety through its quest for the perfect tenderloin. But Land of the Spuds, we are not. Any lifelong Iowegian has clarified (more than once) that Idaho has the potatoes, and the Buckeyes are from Ohio. Iowans continually have to justify why they live in a flat fly-over state known for pigs, corn and a life-size cow made of butter. Is it the smell of fresh silage that keeps us here? (Seriously, this is my favorite scent in the world!) Or our propensity to small-town parades? You know the ones…everyone from the winning t-ball team to the local hardware store to the reigning town “queen” has their own float, and kids sit curbside catching the candy thrown their way. The parades begin with the local American Legion and Boy Scouts carrying the flag, and end…

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