It’s happened.

I’ve officially turned into one of “Those People.”

You know.

Those “seltzer drinking” people.

Please don’t hate me.

Perhaps it was inevitable.

Or (whisper)…maybe I was born this way.


But I don’t drink beer.

And sometimes I have to admit that my signature gin & tonic really DOES taste like a pinecone.

So when my husband recently brought home a four-pack of pineapple-flavored High Noon vodka seltzers, I initially scoffed & labeled them a “sissy drink.”

I compared them to WHITE CLAWS…a beverage whose website features an article about dogs surfing.

(For the record, my dogs do not surf. They eat, sleep, fart, and puke up grass. Like 99.9% of other normal dogs.)

However my husband insisted that I try a sip of his seltzer.

It should be noted that I aced Nancy Regan’s fifth grade “Just Say No” campaign with flying colors. However, I failed the peer pressure booster class at age 50.

So, with great trepidation, I took a sip.


A bit fizzy for my liking. But flavor-wise, not bad.

And with no sugar or carbs & only 100 calories, it was ALMOST healthy.

(Or at least better for me than drinking a soda…or even a juice box!)

It was this realization that began my slippery descension into the world of seltzers…and there are many.

My favorite is a brand called Carbliss. That is because Carbliss has more flavor and is not as fizzy.

(Carbliss manufacturers…If by some miracle you come across this little blog & want to reward me for this shameless endorsement, I will gladly accept a lifetime supply of your product… particularly your new cocktail-flavor variety pack that is not currently sold in Iowa.)

In the great seltzer experiment, I also tried something called “mom water.” This is a canned fruit-infused vodka water. Each flavor has a different name. For example, the coconut mango that I purchased is named Sandy.

Lemon Blueberry is Karen.

Perhaps seltzers are a fad that will come & go…like wine coolers and Purple Passion.

(Admit it…who didn’t take a trip down memory lane just now?)

But currently, vodka seltzers are the “IT” drink.

And although drinking them doesn’t automatically qualify me as an IT girl, I believe it does elevate me to a status above my normal $2.99 Aldi’s wine tier…

Probably somewhere right below the surfing dogs.

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