February 2020


I used to fantasize about being a rock star. Heck…I STILL think about it. Me… in tight leather pants, my name emblazoned on a giant tour bus, and thousands of fans following me on social media. And in some bizarre parallel universe, this MIGHT be possible. Unfortunately in the real world, leather pants do not come with an elastic waist. I can barely make payments on my used SUV, let alone afford a tour bus. I have no clue how to use snapchat. AND…I can’t sing. (In the spirit of Milli Vanilli, I also stink at lip syncing.) Thus any dreams of the Iowa Roadie winning a Grammy are quickly squashed. However a recent Iowa Roadie adventure did result in an encounter with a Real Live Rock Star. Sort of. Meet Jack. Jack has owned the 405 Lounge located at 405 Main Street in Reinbeck, Iowa for the past 38…

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