January 2023


I enjoy a good gin and tonic. My husband disagrees. He equates my cocktail of choice to eating a pinecone. I equate his Coors Light to urine. Before I go any further, I would like to apologize to the Coors company. It is unfair of me to compare their malted beverage to urine when I have never actually consumed urine. Instead, it is an extremely aggressive metaphor expressing my dislike of ALL beers. Even Busch Light. I know. I know. With that one bold statement, I have provoked the entire beer drinking population of Iowa into a booze-infused rage. (Please don’t unfollow me yet.) But… I. Don’t. Like. Beer. I also don’t like well drinks. It’s a curse. Really. You Busch Latte fans will never understand. Happy Hour comes & you can buy $2 pints. You are able to drink all night on a $20 bill. Tangueray is NEVER discounted. …

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