Beer should not be a political statement. In fact, beer should be the antidote to politics. Unfortunately, Anheuser-Busch recently waded into the dark depths of social activism by creating a beer can bearing the image of a transgender person to celebrate Her (His?) 365 Days of Womanhood. They defended their decision on the basis of promoting their beer to a “diverse” population. Do they KNOW who drinks Bud Light?Kid Rock drinks Bud Light.Or should I say, Kid Rock USED to drink Bud Light. Following the Great Beer Can Experiment, Kid Rock posted a video of himself using Bud Light cases for target practice. He also banned it from his popular Nashville hontytonk. It appears more beer drinkers “identify” with Kid Rick than with transgender Dylan Mulvaney. Since the polarizing beer can was issued, Anheuser-Busch profits have plummeted $5 billion. Go woke and go broke. I may not agree with someone’s…

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