Let’s begin this Iowa Roadie adventure with a quick game of Family Feud.Top 5 answers are on the board. Here is the question…Things you pack when going on a fishing trip.Top 5 answers…You likely answered a fishing pole or bait. Perhaps even a tackle box.All respectable answers. But not the #1 answer.THAT slot goes to…Alcohol.(You’re kicking yourself for missing that one, aren’t you?)There are two reasons that alcohol is required for a fishing trip.1. You just want to kick back and enjoy the beauty of nature and the camaraderie of your buddies while drinking a cold one. 2. OR…(and this is the more acceptable rationale)…Alcohol numbs the frustration caused by fishing.I know this second statement to be a fact. Because the Iowa Roadie & husband just returned from a week-long fishing trip to Mercer, Wisconsin. Let’s just say the fishing gods were not on our side. ALSO… while I was…

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