Who likes road trips?If we were all sitting in a classroom together–or even connected via a ridiculous CoVid-era zoom meeting–I believe we would see everyone’s hand shoot to the sky and frantically wave, “Pick Me! Pick Me!” Perhaps we can even add some gorilla “ooh ooh” sound effects to increase the intensity of the answer. (“Ooh Ooh! Pick Me! Ooh Ooh! Pick Me!”)So I repeat my question…Who likes road trips?Ooh Ooh! Pick Me! I know the answer to this one. Ooh Ooh!The answer is WE ALL DO….or at least dive bar-seeking Iowa Roadie readers do. (All two or three of you.)So when loyal Iowa Roadie reader Joel recommended I take a trip across the border to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin…AND provided me three pages of dive bar notes…I felt it my DUTY to follow his suggestion. It’s all about making connections with readers. And if we had some Spotted Cow…

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