#pedal tavern


I recently took a trip to Nashville.While there, I unfortunately did not see any big country music stars. Nor did I drink out of a boot.However I DID do a little line dancing…That is, if being two beats off during “Cotton Eyed Joe” and stomping on a stranger’s foot qualifies as line dancing.I left Nashville with the following:* A pair of flared jeans that I’ll likely never wear again* Some mild liver damage* An empty checkbookSo, dear readers, to help you avoid these pitfalls & truly enjoy your time in Music City, I want to share a few words of wisdom with you. (Background Johnny Cash music is optional.) Lesson #1…Honkytonk drinking is expensive.I love listening to live music in Nashville. The talent no matter where you go is incredible. It is easy to sit and listen for hours while sipping a few cocktails.The problem with hours of honky tonk…

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