I recently had my wisdom teeth out.Most people have them removed when they are young. I am 51.I would be lying if I said I had not been dreading the process. I remember my kids having their wisdom teeth extracted. To suppress the pain, they functioned in a semi-drug induced state for several days.Case in point… my oldest had her wisdom teeth pulled right before Christmas. The drugs caused her to burst out crying every time someone said “Baby Jesus.”You can only imagine the uncomfortable scenario that ensued at our church’s nativity pageant. Poor Joseph & Mary. The angel’s glad tidings could not be heard over our teenage daughter’s wails.And silent night…let’s just say, it was not so silent.Fast forward ten years to MY Oral Surgery Event. I was terrified.My only consolation was the drugs I knew I would get to quell the pain.Praise Baby Jesus.Instead…this is what happened.My surgery…

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