Aah…the beauty of huge snowflakes falling softly to the ground, creating a glorious white carpet, pure and splendid enough for royalty. The comfort of curling up under a heavy quilt with a good book in one hand and a cup of steaming hot cocoa in another. Gazing at this natural beauty, one can only be awestruck by the serenity of it all, and contemplate one thing…WHO TICKED OFF ELSA?

Because this Norman Rockwell scene is not set in December or January, or even any month resembling winter. It is mid-April…time for flowers and birds and all things NOT winter. But instead, the Iowa Roadie is shoveling snow for the third weekend in a row and cursing Elsa, the Disney queen who magically transforms the world into ice and cold. Let me say…that trick is best saved for animated feature films.

Instead of a garden tiller roaring to life outside my window, I hear the snowblower. Rather than building a campfire, I am building a snowman. What should be green is white, unless it is my “green with envy” outlook as I contemplate moving to the beach. I recently saw a meme that said “If April showers bring May flowers, what do April blizzards bring?” (Do you really want me to answer that?)

There may be some of you thinking…I thought the Iowa Roadie was supposed to be a cheerleader of Iowa. What happened to the happy-go-lucky “all things bacon” attitude? My friends…the Grinch stole the bacon and took spring and my good spirits right along with it.

Now… I am confident my positive outlook will return. Surely the days of humidity, mowing lawn and mosquitoes will arrive, and I will look back at Mother Nature’s evil trick with what will resemble nostalgic fondness. Until then, I will curl up with my cocoa and a good book and wait patiently for summer…I just hope it comes on a weekend.

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